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Certified Astrologer Reveals Disdain for
Hyphenated and other Counterfeit Astrologers

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Defining Words and Terms

PMAFA and other VALID Certifications

  1. PMAFA is the highly-respected 'Professional Member American Federation of Astrologers' certification for those members who have demonstrated fully their astrological knowledge and abilities by successfully mastering a very difficult day-long examination ( not open-book!) which is very closely and most professionally monitored. It is a very tough and intensive test. Upon satisfactory completion, the individual may use PMAFA in legitimate business practice. Click here to learn more about this and other certifications, and if your present (or future) astrologer is certified by AFA. From this page you can begin a search for US AFA-certified members (state-by-state), also Canada, and worldwide.
  2. National Council for Geocosmic Research offers courses and examinations. Their qualified astrologers are authorized to use NCGR.
  3. Faculty of Astrological Studies (in England) offers courses, examinations and their widely-recognized certification, DF Astrol S. (DF Astrol S)
  4. While not a school or certification organization, Metalog (in England) does offer a searchable list of astrologers (some qualified, some not), schools and organizations worldwide.
It is entirely possible there are a couple of other legitimate certification groups, schools, or organizations. They will be listed after providing Elbert Wade with all the supporting and necessary information -- which will be verified. They or any of their certified members are encouraged to contact Elbert Wade by e-mail: here.

[FOOTNOTE: It would be unfair to suggest a 'blanket' and across-the-board disdain for all non-mainstream astrologers. Though few and far between, there are some good astrologers to be found if you investigate carefully and select wisely.]

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