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Elbert: My niece, just turned 16, wants her chart for her birthday. Since I know the best astrologer in the business, I said I would make this her present. - Betty A (TN)

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Real astrologers never say Astrology is science; it's a science-art, using astronomy for calculations; the art of Astrology to explain the science (a unique horoscope). - Elbert Wade


Elbert Wade welcomes you -- especially if you seek useful information about real Astrology. You can learn a lot reading some 200 pages of original (not copied or stolen from books or other sites/blogs) Astrology articles and special Astrology-related features. Explore revealing information about yourself, your horoscope; learn what is a real-astrologer horoscope reading; why you should get a professional consultant astrologer horoscope reading rather than a computer 'reading.' [Elbert Wade, PMAFA certified, is a highly-experienced astrologer specializing in natal horoscope readings for 44 years.] Read Astrology articles about Sun-Signs, rising signs (ascendants), Moon Signs, houses, planets, natal (birth) charts, planets in houses, house cusps, aspects -- more astrological information. Get your age to the millisecond, age on other planets; see current Moon phase display -- much more. Find articles on a variety of topics, clearly written, informative and entertaining -- with an occasional bit of satire (sometimes a tad "biting" for some overly-sensitive souls) tossed in.

Bookmark this page because you'll return when you feel a need to learn more about Astrology and yourself (and others) reading original information written by a long-time professional astrologer/author/teacher to be interesting to everyone from the curious to professional astrologers. Elbert Wade hopes the science-art Astrology is (or becomes) your passion. Begin your astrological adventure. Read, learn things, have fun as you learn. Go to Updated Site Map

Real professional Astrology page. Certified PMAFA professional astrologer.
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Do you want to know what really makes YOU "tick"?
Find out easily. Order an in-depth horoscope reading by Elbert Wade, PMAFA.
Real professional Astrology page. Certified PMAFA professional astrologer.

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Is Astrology valid? You be the judge. Read the brief analysis of the Barack Hussein Obama natal horoscope which was published on this site July 13, 2008 (over 6 years ago). Click HERE

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Brief biography of certified professional consultant astrologer Elbert Wade, BA, M.C.T., Psi.Op., Ps.D. (Metaphysics), PMAFA

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